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Welcome back to term 3! Gradings and competition

This term is a busy one!

With the Victorian Kendo Championships on the 11-12 August and the gradings on 2 September (6-3 kyu) and 30 September (2 kyu- 4 dan), there will be lots of opportunity to demonstrate what you've learned in training.

We will also have a new group of beginners starting on 11 August.

Lastly there is the Interhigh Gasshuku on 1 and 2 September. Phew!

Below are the details of the VKC. Entries need to be in by Friday 27th, so we will decide this weekend on what events we will enter as a club. So have a think about your availability and what you would like to enter this week!

Lastly but not leastly, there WILL BE training on this Wednesday!

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