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Urgent! Change of venue for next Saturday's training

Next Saturday there will be no training at Nanseikan. Instead we will be at MSAC Albert Park to take part in the Okada sensei seminar. In recognition of this, this term will be reduced to eight weeks instead of nine, for the purposes of our dojo fees.

This change our schedule is to make use of a great opportunity to learn from an excellent Japanese 8th dan sensei. For those of you who haven't seen really high level Kendo before, it will be quite amazing. This is something that not a lot of martial arts practitioners have access to. The seminar is $40 for one day, or $70 for both Saturday and Sunday. If you can only stay for the morning that's fine, just note that there is no half day fee. Considering that the Melbourne Budokai is bringing out Okada sensei and three assistant instructors I think it's reasonable price to pay. The only other way to get this kind of instruction is to go to Japan.

Kids under 15 and under are free.

We need to be at MSAC by 9.00am, dressed and r…

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