17 October 2016

Next week's training relocates to Kenshikan

Just for one week we will be training at the Kenshikan, due to local government elections requiring our usual dojo become a polling booth. Please note training will start at 8.30am sharp and go until 10.30.

3 October 2016

Term 4 starts next Saturday

tadashii, utsukushii, tsuyoi: "correct, beautiful, effective"

Saturday 8 October is start of term 4. Some dates to keep in mind:

  • 22 October - local government elections, no training at St Pius. Alternative venue an option to be discussed.
  • Sun 13 November - Victorian Junior Kendo Championships; open to everyone under the age of 16 no matter their experience level.
  • Sat 19 and Sat 26 November - I will be in Japan; Soon, Sean and Ben will supervise training.
  • Sat 3 December - Mumeishi 3s Taikai
  • Sat 17 December - last training for 2014 and Shochugeiko (9am to 5om)

30 September 2016

Vale Chiba Masashi sensei

As I learned from Geoff Salmon sensei's blog, we lost a giant of the Kendo world last week. Chiba sensei had suffered significant health problems over the last few years which is why he stopped his visits to improve our Kendo. A whole cohort of kenshi came up through the ranks thinking it was normal to have regular visits from a hanshi hachidan, former All Japan champion and Tokyo Police shihan. Sadly we know now that we were spoiled by his tireless generosity.

There are a lot of videos of his Kendo on the net, so we can still watch his technique. But what you can't see is his playful sense of humour*. My favourite teaching of sensei's was when he admonished everyone at one of his Kenshikan seminars.
"Do you think I have good Kendo?"
Silence. Everyone inside their own heads: "Is this a trick question?"
"Don't you think my Kendo is any good?"
Awkward shuffling and looking at the floor.
"Is it good?"
"Yes sensei!"
"So why don't you copy it?"
"If you like my Kendo, just copy my style. That's all you have to do."

We'll try sensei.

Chiba sensei's Oji waza by ichibyoshi

*actually in this video, you can! "Now you've seen it you can do it, yes? Ganbare, ganbare!"

29 September 2016

2017 dates now up

Go to http://www.kendo.org.au/p/2017-dates.html

It also has the remainder of this year's dates too.

26 September 2016

Packing up bogu

Aaargh!!! There's nothing more frustrating than seeing someone wrap up a tare like this!

There are lots of ways you can pack up bogu, but at Nanseikan I would ask everyone who is using club bogu to follow the method I have detailed here, on our new "bogu pack-up" page.


Please make a real effort to follow this method each and every time. It will not only save me time in sorting and repairs, it will save you time at the start of training.

12 September 2016

Kenshikan training and kyu grading report

Well done to everyone for a great training last Saturday. I hope you all had a great time at the Kenshikan.

Thanks also to Fiona and the members of the Victorian Naginata Renmei for giving up their training time to teach us a little naginata. What an awesome weapon!

And of course on Sunday there were many who graded and everyone passed. Congratulations! Especially to Alex, who showed great perseverance comprehensively conquered his demons. Well done mate, you're now a shining example to others.

We're now on break for the September holidays, but we will be back for term 4 on Saturday 8 October.

Other dates to keep in mind:
  • Victorian Junior Kendo Championships (open to all under 16s) Sunday 13 November
  • Mumeishi 3's Saturday 3 December
  • Shochugeiko and last training for the year Saturday 17 December (9am - 5pm)