Nanseikan's RedBubble shop, for all kinds of Kendo and NSK-related merchandise and gifts.

To order your Club Zekken, click here. You only ever need to buy one!

To order the Official Guide to Kendo Instruction, published by the All Japan Kendo Federation and probably the best, all-round manual on Kendo, click here. (It's not very expensive).

To download a FREE illustrated manual on everything about how to wear, store and look after your Kendo Equipment, click here.


To order your Nanseikan Polartop (the sleeveless blue one) and/or your Nanseikan Cortex jacket (the long-sleeved grey one), email Pierce and Debra Cassar at heidelberg AT (replace the AT with an @ when you type it in)
Both are very durable. The polartop costs $50.00 + delivery and the jacket costs $120.00 + delivery.

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