VKR TeamApp

From 1 January 2017, the VKR will be using Team App as our primary form of communication.

All delegates/secretaries are to ensure that all club members download the app on their mobile phones and that they sign up to the VKR's Team App page.

Instructions to members:
  1. Download Team App (www.teamapp.com/app) onto your smart phone.
  2. Launch Team App on your phone/PC/tablet.
  3. Sign-up to Team App. You will be sent an email to confirm your registration. 
  4. Log in to Team App and search for "VKR Australia" to become a member.
  5. Fill out Member Details section and select relevant Access Groups.
  6. A VKR executive committee member will approve your membership.
  7. You start receiving announcements directly from the VKR, rather than through your club delegate/secretary.
When filling out the Member Details section, each member should select which Access Groups they wish to join (for the majority of members, this will be Iaido General Members, Jodo General Members or Kendo General Members). You may join more than one Access Group.

Please note that entering your birth date and health details into the member details section is NOT mandatory. If you have a health condition that you wish to disclose to the VKR executive committee in case of an emergency, it is up to you to do so.

Member details are only visible to the VKR Australia Team App administrators a.k.a. the VKR executive committee.

For members without a smart phone, please make an application directly to me, secretary@kendovictoria.asn.au so that we can include you in the app. In the application, please include your name, email address, whether you are doing iaido/jodo/kendo, emergency contact details. Team App notifications will be sent to your nominated email.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to ask them and I will try to answer as quickly as possible.


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