Nittaidai seminar 5 June

  The National Sports Science University Tokyo (Nittaidai) has had a long association with Kendo in Australia and especially Victoria. This year because travel is restricted, there will be an online seminar run by these three illustrious sensei (l to r): ·    Furusawa Nobuaki ,  Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, Director and Men’s Manager of the Nippon Sport Science University Kendo Club. ·    Yagisawa Makoto ,  Kendo Kyoshi 8th Dan, head instructor of the Nippon Sport Science University Kendo Club, Vice President of the Nippon Sport Science University. ·    Shinzato Chikano,  Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, coach of the Nippon Sport Science University Kendo Club women’s team (l-r. Furusawa sensei, Yagisawa sensei and Shinzato sensei) who all teach at Nittaidai. All of them have visited Australia for seminars on multiple occasions in the past. The seminar will be via Zoom on Saturday 5 June from 10am to 11.30am. We will take part in the seminar at our dojo as if it was a normal training.   The following inf
Hi Everyone This one is for young and old. I am sure Sensei will discuss this on saturday The 2021 Victorian Kendo Championships will be held on 14-15 August at Victoria University, Footscray Campus. To support VKR planning for this event, the VKR requests that each club complete the following Expression of Interest Survey by 17 May 2021: Kind regards, Michael Dunn President Victorian Kendo Renmei
Hi Everyone For all of us older folk the Masters games are on in Perth Please find attached a poster for the promotion of the Kendo Event at Australian Masters Games 2021 and a draft schedule. Please note that at this point since the organisers do not know how many people will be coming to the AMG, the schedule remains a draft and may be modified closer to the date. Masters Games Kendo Competition Schedule DRAFT Saturday 9th of October Time Event 8.00 - 9.00am Shinai check, competitor warm-up, Shinpan and volunteer meeting 9.00 - 9.30am Opening Ceremony 9.30 - 10.00am Women's 30-39 Individual event 10.00 - 10.30am Men's 30-39 Individual event 10.30 - 11.30am Women's 40-49 Individual event 11.30 - 12.00 Men's 40-49 Individual event 12.00 - 1.00pm Lunch 1.00 - 1.30pm Women's 50-59 Individual event 1.30 - 2.00pm Men's 50-59 Individual event 2.00 - 2.30pm Women's 60+ Individual event 2.30 - 3.00pm Men's 60+ Individual even

handmade shinai bags

This is Tomoko san's "Great waves" bag in two sizes. Now that the beginners' course has finished and many of you have got your own shinai, you'll be wanting a bag to transport it in. Tomoko Fujiie is a kendoka who lives in Benalla and she makes beautiful cloth bags that are functional and strong. She uses traditional Japanese designs in her choice of fabric and each bag can fit two shinai and a bokuto. There is also a separate pocket for the tsuba (sword guard).  She also makes great general purpose bags in the same way. I own several and they're great. This is a link to her ebay page where you can see all her designs. The best way to order is to decide as a group and I can submit a single order. Tomoko-san will then deliver the bags to the dojo when they are finished (about 8 weeks). You can then pay her on delivery. Please have a look at her eBay page and let me know.

Nishimura sensei's Kendo HIIT routine

Former All Japan champion, and star of his own NHK documentary , Nishimura Hidehisa produced this workout routine for the All Japan Kendo Federation last year during the early stages of lockdown. It's an excellent HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine, sometimes called Tabata Training after the coach who invented the idea. Basically it has been theorised that you get better results in terms of fitness and overall body strength from short, intense and focused workouts, than you do from extended workouts. Some say it is also beneficial for improving endurance and longevity . There is even some evidence to support that it kickstarts mitochondrial function , that you're exercising at a cellular level. That's pretty amazing. Whatever the research says, it is very easy to feel the positive effects of interval training and it has several other benefits: PROS It doesn't take long, so you can fit it into a busy schedule   You can do it by yourself   You can do it almos

Term 2 news

Welcome back!   Term 2 starts tomorrow Saturday 24th April and goes until Saturday 26th June. This makes it a 10 week term. For beginners it is a 9 week term because the first week is technically their last beginners' course class. The number of weeks is just for calculating term fees. So for senior members, term 2 will be 10 x weekly fee (or 20x if you attend Wed night trainings as well). For beginners term 2 will cost 9 x weekly fee. From now on, Wednesday classes will start after the first Saturday in each term, and the last one will be after the last Saturday in each term. That way there are the same number of Wednesday trainings in each term as Saturdays. Waza This term we will continue to look in depth at all forms of kaeshi waza, but as well, we will work on improving our suriage waza . Other key points to work on are: sliding on the balls of the feet when going both forwards and backwards, never rocking back onto the heels eliminating any kind of pause in your swing, whethe

How times have changed!

  Currently for sale on eBay .

Article: the Three Stages of Kendo Development

There's a new article on Shugo-Nanseikan, the first for more than 12 months. Have a look, I hope you enjoy it!

Term 1 holiday dates | Buying or borrowing kendogi and hakama

Kendo term one finishes 27 March. We recommence for term 2 on 24 April. Term two goes through to 26 June which is 10-weeks. See for more details and updates.

Takanabe sensei's shiai and suburi

Takanabe Susumu is one of Japan's most successful kenshi in terms of competition. This great video has two parts. In the first half it shows his shiai skills and the second half he demonstrates suburi. The shiai was a recent 7th dan tournament where you can see his speed, his ability to dominate his opponents mentally, and then how is able to execute a wide range of waza. In the suburi section you can watch his posture and there are also his points on what to aim for in each exercise. The important thing in this video is to see that even someone who is so agile, fast and good at small techniques also focuses on large, basic movements in their own training. Speed comes from relaxation, and relaxation comes from doing lots and lots and lots and lots of practice!  
Hi All Appologies I should have posted this earlier. Anyone training with Men Saturday and Sunday at Clayton will need a Men Shield. Sensai does have some so I suggest you contact him if you need one. Andrew D

VKR Seminar 6 & 7 March 2021 -schedule

Location : Monash University Recreation Centre, Clayton campus The following NSK members have been enrolled: Ben F (Sat), Andrew D (both), Soon (Sun), Quinn (both) and me (both). Those attending Saturday have also got their names down for the free barbie at 6pm on Sat. The whole seminar is free of charge. But note, you must BYO lunch.

Some excellent vids to inspire your return to the dojo tomorrow

  Warakiribattousai's Youtube channel is good fun, mostly about Iaido, and has lots and lots of tameshigiri. This vid is interesting because he does his own version of the question, "Can Kendo techniques really work when using a real sword?" I think he has a background in Kendo prior to his focus on Iaido: you can certainly see he has done at least high school Kendo to a high level before switching to Iaido. So when he uses "Kendo" techniques, he knows the difference. Interestingly I think he adjusts his 'Kendo" technique slightly after the first few tries, going from 'hitting' to 'cutting'. This is exactly what accomplished kenshi work on in the shinai Kendo even they they might not get the chance to test the effectiveness of their cutting technique in this way.  Here is a link to that other video featuring Kondo Hikaru sensei (K7 dan) which I shared last year dealing with the same question: This is a teaser

Back to training this Saturday, woohoo!

Dan announced and end to lockdown as of midnight tonight so that means we are good to go! Our COVID policy covers us for current requirements. Remember: scan QR code at entry for contact tracing mask or shield at all times reduce kiai no taiatari good hygiene at all times (sanitise hands regularly, don't touch things in dojo unnecessarily, come to training already dressed if possible, no access to armoury, BYO first aid kit) See you on Saturday!

Tomorrow and Wednesday's trainings cancelled due to snap lockdown announced this afternoon

Stay safe everyone and hopefully see you all next week!   What are the new rules for Victorians? By  Rachael Dexter 1.26pm Friday 12 February 2021 Under the stage four lockdown restrictions to come into force at midnight tonight there will only be four reasons for Victorians to leave home: shopping for essential items, essential work, permitted education that cannot be done from home and exercise for up to two hours a day with people from your household. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has just listed some other restrictions: You must stay within 5km of your home other than for permitted work Masks are mandatory everywhere in Victoria No visitors to anyone’s home Public gatherings not permitted at all Schools will close but will remain open for vulnerable children or children of essential workers Religious gatherings and ceremonies are not permitted. Funerals can involve no more than 10 people. Hospitality will move to take away only Child care and early childhood centres will remain

Correction to term 1 dates and fees πŸ™‡

Term 1 will be 8 weeks, not 9 weeks as mentioned at training. Previously I indicated we would finish term 1 on Sat 3 Apr. It's been pointed out to me that this is Easter Saturday. So we will instead finish the week before, Sat 27th Mar . This means that fees are now $80.00 (or $160.00 including Wed's) for the full term. A new 2021 dates page has been posted here which I will update as we go along. This year it is harder than usual to make long-term scheduling plans, so please check it from time to time.  Also remember that our new training times for Saturday are 10.00am to 12 noon. 😊

Training times and fees for 2021/ club based gradings / VKR AGM

Training times and fees for this year Wednesday nights 6.30 to 8.00pm Saturday mornings 10.00am to 12 noon. Training fees are $10.00 per training ($5.00 for HC card holders and FT tertiary students). VKR Seminar: Club-based gradings, next kyu grading The VKR will now be handing over the responsibility of grading people from 6th kyu to 4th kyu to individual clubs. There will also be the scope for three gradings per year at this level. Grading for 3rd kyu and above will remain a state-run event that takes place twice yearly, same as current practice. A VKR seminar will be held at Monash Uni across the weekend of the 6th - 7th March to introduce this concept and train members on how to run club-based gradings. It will be a free event, I t is important that as many Nanseikan members as possible attend this seminar . More details to follow about exact times and location.  There will also be a VKR grading for 3rd kyu to 4th dan held on the Sunday. VKR AGM The VKR's Annual General Meeting

COVID training policy

Hi Everyone Here is an update of all VKR events for the year Andrew D

2021 first important dates and notices

  the symbol for 'Ox' in the Lunar Zodiac    Happy New Year everyone. Welcome back and welcome to 2021, Reiwa 3, the year of the Ox. Grading in March As Andrew mentioned in the previous post, the VKR wants to know how many people wish to grade this March. Please email me asap (i.e. by this Thursday 28 Jan) with the names, grades and VKR numbers of all those in your household wanting to grade from 6 kyu up to and including 4 dan. VKR Executive - positions vacant Nominations are now open for the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer. Support will be available for the successful applicants. Please contact the Vice-president, Michael Dunn directly if interested. His email is: vicepresident at The voting for these positions will be at the next AGM which will be held in March. First training back - Saturday 6 February For our first training we will start at the usual time, 9am but we will have a shorter training, finishing at 10am. We will then have a c