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New club roles and calendar for 2020

Thanks to everyone who put their hands up to take on various roles within the club. It's really heartening to know that people are willing to support the club with their expertise. It's also great to have people sharing their ideas with me on how to improve things at the club. It means that you're all thinking deeply about the way things run and are inspired to make things better.

These are the people and the projects/roles assigned so far. The nature and the duration of each will be largely defined by the people undertaking them. However I will be in touch with each of you to offer some guidelines on the sort of things to expect, particularly in connection with jobs like Secretary. I imagine the ongoing roles will be for one year unless we decide otherwise.

These positions are not exclusive or set-in-stone, so if you want to offer to work jointly on any of these tasks or projects, feel free to speak with any of the people below.

Incorporation review  -  Larry

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