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Chiba/Sato visit update

For more info about this visit, go to: :)

Sato and Chiba sensei visit Melbourne 3rd-9th August 2004

Hi all, Two of Japan's most highly respected kendo sensei will be visiting Melbourne soon. This is an extraordinary opportunity to learn from two sensei who most Japanese kendoka only see in magazines and books. Sato sensei is an 8th Dan Hanshi in both Iaido and Kendo. He was the chief instructor at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police dojo. Chiba sensei is a Kendo 8th Dan Hanshi and he is famous for winning the All Japan Kendo Championship three times in jodan. He recently retired as the chief instructor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Dojo. They will be training all week and running a seminar on the weekend of the 7th & 8th. All Nanseikan members would learn a lot from attending this weekend. B

VKR/AKR membership 2004-2005

The end of financial year is almost here, which means membership fees are due. Some of you paid for 6 months from December and some haven't paid as yet. Barring any unforseen price increase, under 16 membership for 12 months will be $60. However the VKR are still at the moment finailsing details of their insurance for the next year and are not accepting payments for the moment. I know some people are anxious about not missing out on grading at the next opportunity. Rest assured, I will not let anyone slip through this time! B :)

Term 3 dates

Term 3 classes will start on 24 July and finish on 11 September B :)

End of term two nears!

Most of you know already that next week (12 June) will be the last training for term two. Term three start date will be advised at the next training, or here on Dojo News. Ben†


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