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Nanseikan appears in MelbourneTimes

(Issue 37; Wednesday 22 September, 2004) Thanks to Ben (writer) and Charlie (photo). :)

congratulations to all new 5 kyu Nanseikan kendoka!

Well done and congratulations to all those Nanseikan members who successfully attempted 6th and 5th kyu gradings over the last two weeks! Daniel and Cy both received their 6th kyu, while Steph, Amelia, Jordan, Rory and Thomas all passed 5th kyu. I was very happy with those that I saw, especially how carefully everyone concentrated on the basics of correct dressing, correct rei and sonkyo, and correct posture at all times. Very well done! Next week we are back at training as usual, and the week after I should have the brand new zekken (name covers for tare) for all those currently in armour. b

Congratulations to new 6-kyu kendoka!

I'd like to say well done to Daniel and Cy who received their 6 kyu last weekend at the VKR grading. Omedeto gozaimasu! Both of you have trained regularly and given a lot of effort to begin mastering the basics of kendo. Please keep it up -- ganbatte kudasai! b