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Nanseikan banner competition!

Hi all, As an activity over the next couple of weeks, we will be having a competition to help find a design for a Nanseikan Kendo Club banner. Jenny Kelso, our resident master needleperson, has kindly offered to craft it by the time of the Darebin Festival (21 November) at which we will be having a demo AND stall. We want something that will be quite large (e.g. 1m x 2m) that will represent the club. Prize(s) will be be a brand new shinai and perhaps a Nanseikan t-shirt (if we have a dead heat or we need two designs!). There will be a design brief (rules) that you must follow, so certain things must be included (logo etc). To save bandwidth, I won't send these images out to everyone now. But please email me if you are interested in taking part and I will send you a Word doc with all the relevant details. The winner will have to be decided quite soon so get cracking: you've gotta be in it to win it! B :)

The first Nanseikan zekken have finally arrived!!

That's right, the first batch of zekken (name bags to go over the middle tare flap on your bogu) have arrived and they look great! Steph, Amelia and Daniel already have theirs. Jordan, Rory, Cy, Thomas, Luke and Michael, yours will be waiting for you at training next term. They cost $25 but will last you a lifetime of kendo. Best of all, now you will be known whenever we visit other dojos. :)))