Darebin Community Festival

It's taken me a while but here are some pics of the day on the 21st where Nanseikan had a stall and demo at the lovely Edwardes Lake Park in Reservoir.
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Our new banner was ready in time and helped give our marquee a strong identity (thanks Jenny). We also had lots of tenugui waving in the breeze and various bits of kendo equipment for people to look at.
Many had their first taste of "mugi-cha" or roast barley tea, a drink that is inseparable from kendo and summer!
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Our demo went well with many in the audience overheard saying things like: "wow, they're so disciplined!" and, "look at how they do everything so quickly!" We're also very polite!
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Overall it was beautiful day and thanks to everyone (especially my wife Caz!) for helping make it a success. b:)


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