Sydney Rd Street Party

A bit late with some of the news, sorry! Thanks to Rob Arambasic for these pics of the very successful demonstration Nanseikan did at the 2005 Sydney Rd Street Party on 27 February. It was a beautiful day to be outside and I had a lot of people come up to me afterwards and say how "disciplined" everyone looked. I think coming from non-kendo people this is partly surprise at how careful we are about our movements. Nevertheless I think it is good feedback and means that we are able to communicate the "different-ness" of kendo to people who may not have seen it before.

The people who had seen the last demo 2 years ago also commented to say how far everyone had come in that time. I agree too. I think we have come a long way. Next time I'll ask for a little more time on stage though -- 15 mins is a bit short!

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men tore!

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b :)


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