Dojo steward's commands

In case there comes a time when YOU have to be dojo steward, here is a list of the different commands they have to give. Listen out for them next time at training.

At the beginning of training:

Seiretsu! - line up!

Chakuza! - be seated!

Ki o tsuke! - take care! look alive! (literally "switch on!")

Mokuso! - meditation! (eyes half closed, straight back, hands in a "mudra" or circle in your lap, no thinking, just breathing naturally)

Yame! (or clap) - finish!

Joseki ni rei! - bow to joseki! (calligraphy on wall which means "kendo")

Sensei ni rei! - bow to sensei!

(all say "onegaishimasu!")

men tsuke! - put on men! (and kote)

At the end of training:



Men tore! - take off men! (and kote)

Ki o tsuke!


Yame (or clap)!

Sensei ni rei!

Jo seki ni rei!

Otagai ni rei! - bow to each other and say "domo arigato gozaimashita!"

Looks like a lot doesn't it? But really it's quite easy to learn. If there are any other words you're not sure of, just hit the comments button below and ask me. I'll post a reply asap.

b =)


  1. Thanks for that, S.Ben. To be honest sometimes I personally forget the rei order... :)


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