Yuko datotsu - Making a valid cut

Since we've been practicing this during second term, I thought it might be good to have it in writing too.

Yuko datotsu means having everything correct in order to score a point in kendo. As you know, cutting in kendo involves more than just hitting. It is not enough to hit your opponent any old how. You must do it correctly.

1) You must use the correct part of the sword: the top one third, between the kensen (tip) and the nakayui.

2) You must hit the correct part of your opponent's armour.

3) You must use correct hasuji (angle of the blade). So you must cut only with the side of the shinai opposite the tsuru or string.

4) You must have full spirit and correct posture, showing ki-ken-tai-no-ichi.

5) You must show zanshin (following-through spirit).

Yuko datotsu comes from what was required to use a real sword properly. This is why there are so many things to get right!

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