Hisashiburi desu yo! (It's been a while!)

Hi all,

Sorry for the long break in posting. I've been very busy during the September school holidays. Also I went to Japan and Korea (woohoo!) and had a fantastic time, learning more about kendo and Japanese culture (and a little about Korean culture too - kamsamnida!)

Nanseikan training will start for term 4 this Saturday morning 15th October. Tuesday night trainings will start the following Tuesday. This term we will be looking a shiai (competition), with a view to competing in the first Victorian junior kendo competition late in November.

And a reminder to all parents, please forward your payment for this term's fees to Brunswick Neighbourhood House asap. Thanks!

b :)


  1. Anonymous10:53 am

    whoa you went to japan! You should tell us more about kendo in japan...really curious about it. Might go to Japan for kendo one day too ;P


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