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2005 VJKT pics

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2005 Victorian Junior Kendo Taikai

Last Saturday, 3 December, saw the running of the 2005 Victorian Junior Kendo Taikai: the first official VKR junior competition in more than 10 years. Seventeen competitors from four clubs showed just how much they have learned in three age divisions: 11 and under, 13 and under, and 15 and under. The results were as follows: 11 & under 1st - Robert Kelso (Nanseikan) 2nd - Michael Marinelli (Nanseikan) Luke Marinelli (Nanseikan) Patrick Brown (Ballarat) 3rd - Luke Arambasic (Nanseikan) 13 & under 1st - Christopher Brown (Ballarat) 2nd - Thomas Marinelli (Nanseikan) 3rd - A. Bricknell (Ballarat) 15 & under 1st - Eli Robey (Nanseikan) 2nd - Michael Trott (Fudoshin) 3rd - Thomas Eames (Melbourne Budokai) Matthew O'Rourke (Fudoshin) Unfortunately on the day there was some confusion about the results for the 15 and under. The scorers made a mistake as to who came where which I only found out when I went back and checked the results. My apologies