2005 Victorian Junior Kendo Taikai

Last Saturday, 3 December, saw the running of the 2005 Victorian Junior Kendo Taikai: the first official VKR junior competition in more than 10 years.

Seventeen competitors from four clubs showed just how much they have learned in three age divisions: 11 and under, 13 and under, and 15 and under.

The results were as follows:

11 & under

1st - Robert Kelso (Nanseikan)
2nd - Michael Marinelli (Nanseikan)
Luke Marinelli (Nanseikan)
Patrick Brown (Ballarat)
3rd - Luke Arambasic (Nanseikan)

13 & under

1st - Christopher Brown (Ballarat)
2nd - Thomas Marinelli (Nanseikan)
3rd - A. Bricknell (Ballarat)

15 & under

1st - Eli Robey (Nanseikan)
2nd - Michael Trott (Fudoshin)
3rd - Thomas Eames (Melbourne Budokai)
Matthew O'Rourke (Fudoshin)

Unfortunately on the day there was some confusion about the results for the 15 and under. The scorers made a mistake as to who came where which I only found out when I went back and checked the results. My apologies to those who thought they had come higher in the rankings. Don't worry, you won't be asked to return your tsuba!

Thanks again to everyone for displaying such great form and spirit. All the senior kendoka who were watching or officiating were very much impressed! Thanks too to Mike Ma of Amplus Kendo who donated all the prizes.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And I will see you all at training next year (if I don't see you at another dojo in the meatime).

b :)


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