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2007 Victorian Kendo Championships

(poster pic (c) 2007 Jess Edwards) Well the 2007 VKC was a hectic day for some, a lot of waiting around for others! I was one of the hectic ones, hence no pics: sorry! :( Nanseikan was represented by me, Eli and Jordan. All of us had only so-so showings in the individual comp. But in the team comp we did really well. We fought Fudoshin, one of the strongest clubs in Australia (their five person team had, I think, three national team members on it!). As the rules state, we were allowed to enter as the smallest team of only three people, which meant that we had to win all our matches in order to beat Fudoshin and progress to the next round. We thought that was a pretty tall order, so we had fun with our draw. Often the best kendoka fight in first and last position, with the number three spot going to the next best fighter. I volunteered for first spot, Eli for number three and Jordan for number five. I fought first, against Alvin Chen who is a very good 3 dan and fights in jodan kamae (

Nanseikan goes to Fudoshin Kendo Club

This November, Nanseikan will be training at Fudoshin Kendo Club in Balwyn. Their Balwyn Dojo is at the Scout Hall in Macleay Park, Belmore Rd. We will be training there two consecutive Saturdays, 17th and 24th. (NOTE: there will be no Nanseikan training on Sat 10 Nov). Get there at 9.00am for 9.30 start. Training goes until 11.00am. b PS - Don't forget to take your a club bogu home with you this week.

Chiba sensei visit this weekend 27, 28 Oct

Hi all Nothing for 6 months and then two posts in one night! Chiba sensei will again be taking a kendo seminar at the Kenshikan this weekend. The times are: *Friday 26th* *October* Kendo: 6.00pm - 8.00pm *Saturday 27th **October* Iaido: 9.00am - 12.00noon Kendo: 1.30pm - 5.00pm *Sunday 28th **October* Iaido: 9.00am - 12.00noon Kendo: 1.30pm - 5.00pm I'm not sure of the cost, but Nanseikan members are all encouraged to take part in as many sessions as they have time for. Chiba sensei is Hanshi 8-dan in kendo, 3-time All Japan champion, and former Head of the Tokyo Metro Police Kendo Dept. He is one of the most highly regarded and famous kendo sensei in Japan. So famous in fact, that most Japanese kendoka would never have the opportunity to train with him, but only see him in magazines and DVDs.

New Zekken available online!!

Hi all Zen Sankei have made a special ordering service available for our new zekken which club members can use when they are ready to buy one. This generally means if you're wearing full bogu regularly. Just cut and paste this link: Here's a pic of what they will look like: Thanks to Cain Lee for setting this up. b

32nd Australian Kendo Championships

Here is some video of the 32nd Australian Kendo Championships held in Melbourne over the Queen's Birthday Weekend. Click on the image to watch the final of the Open Individual competition. Enjoy! b

Timing diagram

This is a little drawing I did a while ago to help me understand the different timing concepts in Japanese. There are two different systems to explain the different opportunities for attack in your opponent's movement.

Membership info

I hope you're all enjoying the beautiful autumn weather at the moment. On 23 June, membership renewals are due. New members must fill out a membership form. Continuing members need only write a cheque or pay money for the correct amount to me, so that I can submit a single cheque for the whole club. Members who are currently not training but have graded must remain members in order to hold onto their grade. Junior membership is $60/annum. Senior membership is $80/annum. Senior is someone who is 16 or over on 1 July 2007. b

Kyu grading 3 March 07 - success!

Well done to all of you! b
Furugawa sensei - debana kote This is one of a series of videos on Youtube showing Furugawa sensei teaching various waza. His posture, timing and speed are all amazing. Most of all, he makes it look easy. Enjoy and emulate!
Kendo - You asked for it! This is an old program from the 1950s called "You Asked For It". In it they demonstrate kendo for the American TV audience. One of the kendoka is Mori Terao, a very famous Japanese kendoka who lived in America. Watch their jigeiko and how they use foot-sweeps to trip each other before scoring 'men'. These techniques were used in kendo before the Second World War. b
Kendo Kata This is from the All Japan Kendo Renmei instruction video for kendo kata. The kendoka are exceptional and there is an English commentary too! b

2007 training starts next Saturday 3 February

A reminder to all that training starts 3 February. See you then! b

Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu

Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu is the oldest surviving sword school in Japan. This is an excellent video of the current headmaster Otake Risuke and one of his senior students practicing kenjutsu kata. Note the different kamae and cutting style to kendo. Also, the kata are longer in duration than kendo kata and contain several attack and counter-attack sequences, not just one. b

From the vault... 2

This one's from the Darebin Festival in Nov 2004.
Kendo Robot Imagine having one of these at home... you could do kendo all the time! b

Kote Waza Tokusen

Dailymotion blogged video 100 Kote Video sent by kendomonster This is a great online video of kote scored in actual shiai in various Japanese competitions between high ranking kendoka. Enjoy! b

From the vault...

Here are a few of the pics from my own Nanseikan archive. I thought the blog looked a bit bare without an image so here's one to start the new year with. b

Term Dates for 2007

Akemashite Omedetougozaimasu! The term dates for 2007 will be: *term 1 - 3 Feb to 31 Mar *term 2 - 21 Apr to 16 June *term 3 - 21 July to 15 Sep *term 4 - 13 Oct to 8 Dec This year will be a very fun and challenging year in kendo. Once again the students from the Japan Sports Science University (Nittaidai) will be visiting, as will Chiba sensei. The Australian Kendo Championships will be held in Melbourne over the Queen's Birthday weekend in June, and then later in the year the Victorian Championships. Other regular competitions will include the Otsuka Memorial Taikai at Kenshikan, and the Mumeishi 3s at Mumeishi, where Nanseikan last year fielded two very successful teams: well done guys! In our regular training I will be returning to teach the class. This year we will be focusing on increasing the skill level of the most experienced Nanseikan members, as well as helping newer members reach that first milestone of wearing complete bogu. Caleb will also be returning to assist for