2007 training starts next Saturday 3 February

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A reminder to all that training starts 3 February.

See you then!



  1. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Ben, are these kids being taught (or corrected on) bowing technique? I've heard that Westerners "bow with an accent". To what degree is there variation amongst Japanese, particularly regional? In other words, can someone tell roughly which region or socio-economic background you're from by your bow?

  2. My impression is they're probably being taught the basics of bowing, like we teach our beginners in kendo. Most Japanese kids don't know this stuff. BTW you should check out http://www.ogasawara-ryu.gr.jp/english/index.html
    It is one of the oldest schools of martial arts but is most famous for its etiquette. In fact I've read that nearly all forms of Japanese etiquette come from this ryu. The old nanna i that in the pic could well be from there.



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