Kendo dummy

If any of you are good with your hands (or your mum or dad is!), you might like to try making this kendo dummy. I haven't made one but it looks good and the detailed plans are free to download.



  1. Anonymous10:24 am

    wow, thanks ben. i was actually going to make a kendo dummy with some spare tyres and some timber, but i think i might stick to the instructions.


  2. Send me some pics when you get it made, whatever design you end up using. b

  3. Anonymous11:11 pm

    sure thing. i might be changing my idea as i just found my original dummy(my sis :P, not really) out the back. its a perfect size and the plastic should be easy to drill into.

    ill try to take lots of pictures!


  4. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Soon I shall have an army of kendo dummys, with which i shall rule the world.

    But the fact that it uses an octopus strap doesn't seem very safe. Also the bolts that sort of look like eyes are a nice touch.

  5. Anonymous11:15 am

    haha weird thing. we had a kendo dummy at school too. we called it Bob(no idea why). it's good to have somthing that won't complain when you miss the hit(^^)


  6. look at this kendo dummy on


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