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This is an old story called "Neko no Myojutsu" (The Cat's Mysterious Skill) and even though it is about a cat, it is also about swordsmanship.

"There was once a swordsman called Shōken, who was very much annoyed by a furious rat in his house. The rat was bold enough to come out of its hiding place even in the daytime, doing all kinds of mischief. Shōken made his pet cat go after it, but she was not its equal, and being bitten by it, she ran away screaming. The swordsman now hired some of the neighboring cats noted for their skill and courage in catching rats. They were let loose against the rat. Crouching in a corner, it watched the cats approach it and furiously attacked them one after another. The cats were terrified and all beat a retreat.

The master became desperate and tried to kill the rat himself. Taking up his wooden sword he approached it, but every effort of the experienced swordsman proved ineffectual, for the rat dodged his sword so skillfully that it seemed as to be flying through the air like a bird or even lightning. Before Shōken could follow its movement, it had already made a successful leap at his head. He was perspiring heavily and finally decide to give up the chase. As a last resort, he sent for the neighboring Cat widely known for her mysterious virtue as the most able rat-catcher. The Cat did not look in any way especially different from other cats that had been invited to fight the rat.

The swordsman did not think very much of her, but let her go into the room where the rat was located. The Cat went in quietly and slowly as if she were not cognizant of any unusual scene in the room. The rat, however, was extremely terrified at the sight of the approaching object and stayed motionless, almost stupefied, in the corner. The Cat almost nonchalantly went for the rat and came out carrying it by the neck.

In the evening, all the cats who had participated in the rat-catching had a grand session at Shōken's house, and respectfully asked the great Cat to take the seat of honor. They made profound bows before her and said: “We are all noted for valor and cunning, but never realized that there was such an extraordinary rat in the world. None of us was able to do anything with it until you came; and how easily you carried the day! We all wish you to divulge your secrets for our benefit, but before that let us see how much we all know about the art of fighting rats.”

If you want to see what she said, go here...


  1. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Interesting story.

    Yesterday was 37C here, and it's hitting 30C at night regularly. The humidity is awful. I lost 1.9kg last night in 70 minutes of training. I thought I could barely stand or lift my shinai.

    Then, when I came out of the parking lot, a stray dog ran out from some cars to bite me on my right side. It got close, so I tried to ward it off with my swords whilst trying not to crash my scooter and still drive.

    I then chased it (going the wrong way) in traffic trying to hit it. Finally, after it went between some cars, I dismounted and chased it down the street wearing my scooter helmet while a woman at a bus stop watched. I must have looked quite funny. Still, it's amazing how much extra energy I suddenly found!

    It got away, and I heard it around a corner trying to attack a woman.

    Kendo training here is always novel.

  2. Hi Caleb

    You just described a scenario about as far removed from my life as is possible! Good to hear from you. I'm off Facebook so email or here are the best ways to share news. I could set you up as a contributor to this blog and you could post any stuff you think me or the other NSKers would enjoy.


  3. Anonymous10:17 am


    As one of my friends said recently, "You managed to break free from Facebook." I'm no longer there either.

    Anyway, yes, I'd like to be a contributor. I was thinking about what I might contribute last night and I thought of something particularly relevant right now (since you're on holidays): an article on cross-training.

    I found a great article detailing eight benefits of cross-training. It's written from a runner's perspective, but I will write a little commentary about how it's relevant to kendo (especially since I used cross training to fairly good effect while I had a wrist injury recently).


  4. That'd be ace! I'll send you an email.



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