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Chiba sensei visit

As happens now every year, Chiba Masashi sensei will be visiting Melbourne to run a kendo seminar at the Kenshikan. This year it will be on Friday 1 August, 6.00pm - 8.00pm and Saturday 2 August, 1.30pm - 4.30pm. Each session will cost something like $10.00. No bookings are required. Everyone who wears bogu should attend. Above is a screenshot of a Youtube video of Chiba sensei (on the right). It shows him prior to demonstrating kata at the All Japan Police Kendo Championships. Of course Chiba sensei was former Head of the Kendo Dept of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police and multiple times All Japan champion and Police champion. The video is well worth watching. b

Kendo practice dummy

Kendo practice dummy Video sent by ichibyoshi This short vid is of a very sturdy and versatile-looking practice dummy for kendo, know in Japanese as an 'uchikomidai'. I saw it at the Asian Zone Shinpan Seminar in Seoul in 2006. Sorry I've forgotten the name of the university that was the host venue! It seems to be useable by four kendoka at once. I have no idea whether it is a commerically-made one, or just a very competent and well-designed amateur job. Would love to know! b