Anthony Bourdain learns Kendo in Tokyo

A great vid of Toda sensei. I've done jigeiko with him on several occasions. Ask me at training for some stories about his kendo. b


  1. Anonymous5:28 pm

    I love Anthony Bourdain. I don't expect that the kids know him. He's from New York and he's a chef/food writer/travel writer. He has a show on Travel & Living (about the only TV station I occasionally watch). He's always adventurous (he's eaten some pretty crazy things!) and funny, yet also very respectful and informative. He's a great speaker too. What a great clip! I found the full Japan episode (I think), so I'm checking it out now.

    Here's part 1 of 5:

  2. Anonymous5:17 am

    Hello There!!!

    Awesome video. I had the chance to practice with one of Toda sensei‘s students, in my own country (Ecuador) His Nito-ryu was very strong. I couldn‘t imagine Toda sensei‘s Nito!!!!

    Thanks for uploading this up.

    Ecuadorian Kendo


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