Term 4 starts 11 October

Term 3 has come to an end and we have almost a month off before we start on 11 October.

In the meantime, the Australian University Games kendo competition will be taking place at Footscray Campus of Victoria University, Ballarat Road, Footscray on Wed 1 October, from 9.00am until 6.00pm. This year a record 70 competitors from 9 universities around Australia will be taking part. AFAIK entry is free for spectators, so if you're not doing anything on that day, come down and watch some intense shiai!

And BTW, check out the Mt Fuji webcam down the bottom left of this blog. If you click on "more", you get a bigger image pop-up. It's a really sharp and clear picture too.


PS - there is always a link to Victorian school holiday dates on the left side of this blog too.


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