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2008 Victorian Junior Kendo Taikai

Next Saturday is not only our last training for 2008, but is also the day of the Victorian Junior Kendo Championships. Like last year, we will be having the competition straight after training, at our own dojo. We will finish training a little earlier and start registration and shinai check at 10.30am, with competition starting at 11.00am. The comp should finish around 12 noon. It is planned to have three age divisions, same as last year: under 12, under 14 and under 16. Everyone who is a VKR member and is wearing full bogu at every training can enter. And afterwards we will have lunch at a nearby cafe, to be decided. Come along and make sure we win back what's rightfully ours from Ballarat KC! b

Farewell to Natsu!

After 10 months in Australia, Natsu will be returning to Japan, and her final year of high school. She has really helped Nanseikan see what the next stage of kendo has in store, and has brought the reality of Japanese kendo right into our dojo. We will miss you Natsu! All the best and keep in touch. b

How the club looks in 2008...

Pretty self-explanatory... :D b

Nanseikan at Mumeishi 3s

Our team did well at this year's Melbourne Mumeishi 3s taikai. Jimmy was senpo (position 1) Natsu was chuken (position 2) and Richard was taisho (position 3) . Here's Natsu's report: Well the result was: Ballarat A; Jimmy, me, Richard lost with two points each to Fudoshin B; Jimmy draw, me and Richard won by tow points each UMKC A; jimmy got a dou, but lost by two points, and we lost too... it wasn't the best match if you say from the results, but both jimmy and Richard did extremely well, plenty of kiai, a lot of good techniques with really good timing. kaeshi dou etc i think they need more kihon so the uchi is stronger and also learn good 'kime' and they'll become excellent kendoka. The winning team was Kenshikan 'A', second was Ballarat 'A', they also got the fighting spirit award, and third UMKC 'A'. Well done guys and thanks to Geoffrey's dad and Jimmy's dad for transport on the day. b