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Nanseikan @ UMKC

I'm not sure exactly what year this is. Maybe 2003? It was the first time Nanseikan visited another dojo and it was of course, University of Melbourne Kendo Club. From the picture I can see that the NSKers there were Steph, Amelia, Cy and Jordan. Only one of those people is still training! :'( b

Can you have too much bogu?

This photo is from when I was training with Kagoshima University at their Daigaku Byoin Budokan, in 1993. I was amazed, coming from a country with a constant shortage of bogu, to see old bogu rotting outside the dojo! Not sure what they were keeping it for, all neatly stacked up like that. Perhaps they were waiting for the next hard rubbish collection? :D b

To all Kendoka in Victoria!!!

photo (c) VKR Inc. Melbourne Budokai and the Victorian Kendo Renmei would like to invite all VKR members to participate in a special fund raising appeal to assist those affected by the recent bush fire tragedy in Victoria. A special keiko will be held on Sunday the 22nd of March (Before the VKR’s AGM) at the Kenshikan Dojo. Training will begin at 9.30 a.m. and conclude at 11.00 a.m. The emphasis will be on jigeiko and it is our hope that as many of our high ranking yudansha as possible will be there for everyone to train with. This will be a rare opportunity for kendoka from all Victorian clubs to enjoy a vigorous training together! All training fees will be donated to the Fire Appeal. (Adults $10, Students & Juniors $5) We hope that as many members as possible will participate to support our fellow Victorians... and to have a great day of training!!! Kind Regards, Gary Oliver (VKR President) & Tony Corrigan (MBK President)

Grading sucess!

Congratulations to all our Nanseikan members who passed their 6th kyu to 3rd kyu gradings at the Kenshikan on 7 March. Congratulations also to Fujiie sensei's Renshinkan members from Benalla who are the first from that club to receive a kendo grading. b

Next 1st kyu - 3rd dan grading - Sunday 29 March

photo Matti Sedholm Below are the details for the next grading for 1 st kyu – 3 rd Dan. I have published the exam questions for 1 - 3 dan even though no-one from Nanseikan will be requiring them, because they usually do not change. Gradings: 1 st kyu – 3 rd Dan Date: Sunday 29 th March 2009 Time: Registration commences at 1:00 pm . Location: Kenshikan Dojo – Rosslyn St West Melbourne Exam Questions: Please answer both questions. Mark your paper with your name and the grade you are challenging. 1 st Dan: 1. What do you want to learn from training in Kendo. 2. Explain Maai. 2 nd Dan: 1. Explain why etiquette is important to Kendo. 2. Explain the opportunity for Datotsu. 3 rd Dan: 1. Explain why it is important to do Kendo Kata. 2. Explain why it is necessary to do Kiri-kaeshi.

Beautiful photos of old kendo dojo

photo by Matti Sedholm This and many other photos were taken by a Swedish photographer named Matti Sedholm. He also uses the name Horimatsu on Flickr. This series shows a really wonderful old dojo in Yokohama, a big city not far from Tokyo. From his photos you get a real sense of the atmosphere. b