To all Kendoka in Victoria!!!

Melbourne Budokai
and the Victorian Kendo Renmei would like to invite all VKR members to participate in a special fund raising appeal to assist those affected by the recent bush fire tragedy in Victoria.

A special keiko will be held on Sunday the 22nd of March (Before the VKR’s AGM) at the Kenshikan Dojo. Training will begin at 9.30 a.m. and conclude at 11.00 a.m. The emphasis will be on jigeiko and it is our hope that as many of our high ranking yudansha as possible will be there for everyone to train with. This will be a rare opportunity for kendoka from all Victorian clubs to enjoy a vigorous training together!

All training fees will be donated to the Fire Appeal. (Adults $10, Students & Juniors $5)

We hope that as many members as possible will participate to support our fellow Victorians... and to have a great day of training!!!

Kind Regards,

Gary Oliver (VKR President) & Tony Corrigan (MBK President)


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