Typical scenes in Japan 6

The hitting dummies (uchikomidai) at Otemae Senior High School Kendo Dept.

My host in Osaka, George, demonstrating how small my hotel room was (I took this picture standing outisde the door!) Note George is proudly wearing his souvenir Nanseikan polartop. :D

Seen from the window of my hotel in Osaka: a remnant of the "bubble economy" (when Japan had too much money in the late 80s, early 90s). A Dept store building with a rollercoaster built in. Unfortunately it's now closed.

The big temple gate of Senso Temple in Tokyo. You can see how big the lanterns are by the size of the people standing directly underneath them.


  1. Hey Ben, I am delighted that not only did the uchikomidai at my dojo make your blog, but I am actually in there posing as well!!!

    You (and/or your students) are more than welcome in Osaka anytime!

    - George

  2. Ben! It's Jordan (formally of Nanseikan). Good to hear you went for your 6th Dan, I'm sure next time you will be successful.
    I just got a job working with Cy Crowe of all people.
    How are you and how is Nanseikan?

  3. @George: hopefully one day we'll be able to organise a real school exchange visit. In the meantime I want a 大手前高校剣道部ジャケット!! b

    @Jordan: nice to hear from you. Nanseikan is holding steady, about the same size as when you were training. I'm good and straight back into training. Say hi to Cy for me. Keep us posted on any of your news. b


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