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This is a series of five videos from a TV program about kendo. The host is a Greek karate champion who lived in Japan for many years and became a very successful professional kickboxer. It's very interesting to see what problems he has when he first tries kendo! Enjoy. b

Kage Ryu - battojutsu with extra long sword

This is a video of Kage Ryu battojutsu (art of drawing the sword), using the choken (長剣), which means really long sword. More info about this rare and very interesting style here . b

2010 8-dan Kendo Championships Final

Five-fingered kote...

...seen last year in Genbudo, a bogu shop in Ikebukuro, a suburb of central Tokyo. Unfortunately I never did ask Mr Genbudo what exactly they were for,or the price. But they were in the same cabinet as the ultra-special do-dai made of sharkskin, or inlaid with mother-of-pearl... b

Balloon Keiko!!

This reminds me I should go and buy some more balloons... b :D