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2010 Kangeiko report

What people were thinking during those 500 basics. Today's kangeiko was the third Nanseikan has hosted and it was a great success. Kendoka from three clubs were represented, braving a 1 degree Celsius morning to practice kendo under the theme 百錬自得 or practice it 'til it becomes yours . With that in mind we notched up 100 repetitions each of kihon men, kote and do , as well as harai kote and debana men . All in all 500 repetitions taking about 2.5 hours to complete. The day was rounded out with jigeiko and shiai . We also looked at kata number 7 in depth, helping many to get across that difficult o ri-shiki do footwork. Afterwards we had some nice Malaysian take away and some of the parent had chance to meet and have a chat. It was a long day, starting at 8.30am and finishing about the same time in the evening. On my way to the dojo I saw the first plum blossom had come out. Already! So I picked some and we decorated the dojo with it.

2010 Kangeiko 寒稽古

This year’s special winter training will take place on the first Monday of the school holidays, Monday 28 June Cost: $20 for the day, open to all VKR members, especially junior members of other VKR clubs Schedule: 0830 – arrival, registration, clean dojo 0900 – kangeiko start and first session 1100 – morning tea (provided) 1130 – second session 1330 – lunch (please note, lunch will again be BYO this year) 1430 – third session 1700 – finish The gasshuku will cover kihon, kata and shiai. Dinner This year I would like to also invite everyone to stay for dinner afterwards. Dinner would be held in the room adjacent to the dojo and would be from 1830 – 2030 approx. For this I would need an indication of possible numbers and also dietary requirements if any. Family and friends of people attending would also be welcome. Cost of dinner is to be advised depending on numbers. Most likely $10-15 per person Applications for Kangeiko close Friday 25 June. Payment due on the day. RSVP for dinner b