Great kendo videos for 2011

Massed kendo goodness! Primary/Junior High School kendoka at a seminar in Hokkaido.

Former All Japan champion and Japan Team Captain Eiga Naoki demonstrates men ni tai suru waza (techniques against men) and kote ni tai suru waza (techniques against kote)

See if you can name them all in the comments section...! b


  1. Richard6:09 pm

    * Nuki Do
    * Suriage Men (Ura)
    * Debana Kote
    * Suriage Men (Omote)
    * Kaeshi Do x2 (following through on the Omote then Ura)
    * Suriage Kote Men

    * Suriage Men (Ura)
    * Nuki Kote
    * Kaeshi Men
    * Nuki Men
    * Nuki Men ??
    * Suriage Men (Omote)
    * Nuki Kote Men

    Only after writing them down did I realise he did a lot more Nuki waza against kote!


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