Itakura sensei/ Kenshikan's new floor

Itakura sensei (Kendo 6th dan) visited us this morning. 

Congrats to Geoffrey who has finished all his International Baccalaureate exams. Good luck to Alvin and Jerry who may still have some VCE exams to go. Also a definite "break a leg" to Geoffrey as he auditions for NIDA next Saturday: as difficult as going for 6th dan!

Hopefully Itakura sensei will return to train with us next Saturday. Usually he trains on the weekend at Kenshikan but their floor is being re-done at the moment. Here are some pics from Shinoda sensei's blog of how it is going so far:

Shinoda sensei on the left and Shiina sensei, the design consultant, on the right, pretending to be the first to do kendo on the new floor... :/   b


  1. Hi Sheppard-sensei. Do you mind linking Shinoda-sensei's blog?

  2. Done. b

    PS - the address is


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