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Happy Year of the Dragon!

  Welcome back and あけましておめでとうございます! This year we will be doing a few things a little differently , like having beginners' courses instead of letting new people start any time. We will also be a bit more strict on paying dojo fees this year as well. From now on, all dojo fees need to be paid on the first day of training for the whole term in advance. There will be no paying week to week, as it becomes too hard to keep track of who has paid. Also, this year is our tenth year, so we will be having a special celebration after our Kangeiko in the middle of the year. I hope we can get in touch with a few past members and have them come along as well. More details soon. Training starts next Saturday 4 Feb. The first of our two beginners' courses for 2012 starts two weeks later. See you all then!