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Noumea Kendo Seminar 31 Aug–12 Sept

Jean-Paul Belhomme , head of the Noumea Kendo Club , has sent an invitation to all Australian kenshi to this year's Kendo, Iaido and Jodo seminar in Noumea (lovely pic above, thanks Wikipedia— looks like a video and the sail is the 'play' icon, hehe). The seminar will be run by Ota sensei (Kendo Hanshi 8 dan), Shioiri sensei (Kendo Kyoshi 7 dan, Iaido 4 dan) and Takagi sensei (Iaido 7 dan). Ota sensei is a regular visitor to Australia, and Shioiri sensei is well-known to Australian kenshi because he is one of the All Japan Kendo Federation's main English translators, and frequently attends the Annual Summer School in Kitamoto. If you and your family were thinking of a Pacific Island holiday sometime in the next six months, why not combine it with some excellent Kendo practice?  d(^ _^) Contact Jean-Paul via belhomme at canl dot nc if you are interested.

Nagae sensei's Memorial Service

To all members of the VKR and AKR, The Kenshikan, Melbourne Budokai and Mrs Reiko Nagae request your presence at a special memorial service to honour, celebrate and remember the life and contributions of Sensei Sumitaka Nagae (1921 - 2011). The Memorial service will be attended by Mrs Reiko Nagae who will be travelling from Japan to attend this important event. The Memorial will be held on Sunday, 4th of March 2012 at the Kenshikan Dojo (91 Rosslyn St West Melbourne). The Ceremony will begin at 10am sharp. We look forward to your participation on this important day of remembrance. Kind regards, Tony Corrigan President - Melbourne Budokai

Miyako half price bogu sale

Just got an email from Andy Fisher at Miyako in Kyoto and they're having a half-price sale. These bogu are mostly made in China, but the difference is Miyako's Japanese craftsmen travel regularly to the factory in China to inspect and train the makers there. The bogu is also made to Japanese design and specification. Andy is well-known in the international Kendo community (I think he may be the current British Kendo Team captain, even though he lives in Japan). He is an experienced kenshi and has a reputation to protect, so he would not sell inferior product. If you are thinking of buying bogu, I would recommend you seriously consider these. They are also offering free international shipping, which is pretty bonkers and saves about $100. The bogu above is their "Tsubasa" which, at a sale price of about $584.00AUD is one of the more expensive bogu in the sale. It uses "pitch" stitching which produces a softer, more comfortable bogu, but is as protect

Nanseikan beginners are go!

Our first beginners' course started lasted Saturday with seven new beginners. Even though two of those were my own children, it has been no easy task to lure them into the dojo, so I'm doubly happy. Thanks to everyone for getting into the swing of the new admin and fee structure. A testament to the success of the first class is this drawing by my daughter Jetta who is five. She doesn't draw a lot, so imagine my delight was she produced this fantastic kendo man. Actually it's a probably a kendo girl, knowing Jetta!

Nittaidai - Japan's National Sports Science University demonstration and training 2012

Nittaidai are making their annual visit to Melbourne on 18 and 19 February. Everyone is encouraged to see their demonstration at MSAC in Albert Park on the Saturday afternoon (after the beginners' course starts). Then on Sunday morning at Kenshikan, there will be a special training with the Nittaidai Kendo Dept from 9.30 until 11.30 followed by lunch. Anyone who is wearing bogu can attend that training and I highly recommend you do. There will be 35 students and 2 students from Nittaidai in attendance. These are students whose Kendo was so good in High School that they decided to become Kendo Instructors, and they are studying at Nittaidai with Kendo as their major. The demonstration on the Saturday will also feature (as in previous years): Judo, Sumo, Karate, Shorinji Kenpo, Naginata, Kyudo and Taiko Drumming. Click on the image above for a big version.

First gradings for 2012

The next gradings will be held at the Kenshikan, 91-99 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne. 6 kyu to 2 kyu — Sunday 11 March 1 kyu to 3 dan — Sunday 25 March