Nanseikan beginners are go!

Our first beginners' course started lasted Saturday with seven new beginners. Even though two of those were my own children, it has been no easy task to lure them into the dojo, so I'm doubly happy.

Thanks to everyone for getting into the swing of the new admin and fee structure.

A testament to the success of the first class is this drawing by my daughter Jetta who is five. She doesn't draw a lot, so imagine my delight was she produced this fantastic kendo man. Actually it's a probably a kendo girl, knowing Jetta!


  1. Haha! That's just awesome <3

    My daughter Dana is still a bit too young at the tender age of three. However, after seeing daddy play with dozens of other "hitting people" at the dutch championships, she immediately knew what to do with one of our "Taiko no tatsujin" sticks. Not play drums, no... "Daddy, you hit me now! I hit you!" :D


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