Holiday fun — spot the Kendo mistakes and win a prize!

Each person who finds ten cringeworthy Kendo moments in this video wins a Nanseikan 10th anniversary badge. International readers included! Post your entry in the comments.

I've tagged this as an "Instructional Video" because you can learn even by watching bad Kendo. :D


  1. Reuben Chung8:55 pm

    We do not do mokuso with men on
    We do not pull kote on from the edge
    We do not rei in seiza with men on
    Seriously you do not need that many red himo even in shiai...
    At 0.30sec left hand is too high up the tsuba...
    0.48sec.. >___> he really shouldnt be sitting down if this is a shiai. Also he is in the draw position even though his opponent is not infront of him.. while sitting down.
    1:09 why on earth is he trying to cut sayu-men
    1:17 left hand too high the tsuba while cutting sayu-men agaaain
    1:21 Attempting Men cut... but both hands are on the right side of his men
    1:23 ducking and doing do cut
    1.25 exposing your back after cut in front of your opponent.
    All this is done without follow through or zanshin.

    I feel very ill watching this. Also sorry Sensei for not turning up but i had unexpected commitments crop up. And when i did turn up the week after your term had ended.

  2. You WIN! This week I will not be at training, but see me the following week to pick up your prize. b

  3. I don't see kendo in this video...

    -Mokuso with the men on...

    -It's bad to put the gloves as he does it.

    -At 0:19 you can see that the Men-himo are not correctly put on, it's dangerous!

    -Zarei with the Men on...

    -0:25 what are this red strings?? You can also watch that the Men Himo are not well placed.

    -0:31 The right hand is good but not the laft hand...too high!

    -0:46 you can see that the Tare is not under the Do!

    -0:52 the coming one holds is shinai too far from the tsuba

    -1:07 and around : They didn't move as we do in Kendo! They look so heavy..the kamae is not good also.

    -1:18 : once again the left hand is too high! (i don't talk about the "cut"...)

    -1:27 the great spin! The red one is bending down and the over is spinning on himself showing is back to his opponent...

    -1:38 The hand are each on a wrong position...the shoulders are too high (too much muscles!)

    1:41 The red one is attacking and the other one is... i don't know what he's doing but it's not Kendo for sure.

    1:48 This is NOT Asso no kamae!

    2:01 WOW! The flying spin technique! with the right hand on the blade...(2:02)

    2:16 This is still not Asso no kamae and to red one : this is not Waki no kamae!

    2:53 BANZAÏ !! (do not do this at home or at your Dojo!)

    3:05 This is still not Asso no kamae...try again!

    3:06 Please stop watching kung fu movies...

    3:13 ...

    3:18 Circular high kick are not allowed...

    3:25 Maybe the best "kendo move" in the whole clip but they are too close and the Kote uchi is strike on the nakayui (that's not ippon)

    3:39 This is not a good feet position!

    3.40 The knot of the Tare is visible and it must be under, invisible!

    3:43 the shinai is not well centered on the tsukimune

    4:00 This is absolutely not the way that you must put your Men and Kote down...

    This video is an abomination for the Kendo practice! It gives a bad vision of the Kendoka. There is no zanshin, no real good kendo position, the only kendo things in this video is the kendogi/hakama, the bogu (badly put on) and the shinai (badly used)...
    Thank you for the game, i was between illness and laugh but by watching step by step i notice more and more bad things...
    Excuse my english i'm a south-east French kendoka.

    Kind regards,

    Florent Déchenaux

  4. Florent, c'est formidable! Send me an email with your address and I will post you your prize: nanseikan-at-kendovictoria-dot-asn-dot-au b:)


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