MUKEN Taikai 2012 - get ready to enter!

training at MUKEN

Melbourne University Kendo Club, aka MUKEN, will be holding their annual competition. It is open to all VKR members.

Date : Saturday 26th May 2012
Time : 12pm-5pm
Venue : The University of Melbourne

    The taikai will be the same as last year, with 4 divisions (individuals) involved:

  • Beginners (commenced learning Kendo after 1 Jan 2012)
  • Up to 3rd Kyu
  • 1 & 2 Kyu
  • 1 & 2 Dan
Registrations for the event will open at the end of April, along with more information regarding the event. 

This is a great taikai for newer Kenshi because it pits them against people their own level. There is no other kendo taikai in Melbourne that has a division for beginners.


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