new shipment arrived!

The new shipment of shinai and dogi have just arrived, thanks to Chee Jin and The dogi look really good. As you can see the kendogi has a sweat-wiking lining. The hakama are cotton and very thick fabric. Both appear to be indigo dyed (if the blueness of my fingers in anything to go by!).

The shinai are very thick and made from bamboo with very pronounced nodes. It will be interesting to see how all these things fare in practice.

Those people who placed orders can get their items from me at next training.


  1. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Hi Ben-sensei,
    It's Brian from MUKEN. If there are still some left, I would like to buy one of the shinai that you mentioned at training tonight. Would it be possible for you to bring one next time you train with us? Thanks.


  2. Hi Brian

    I'll bring a whole lot in next Monday. There are some other MUKENers are interested. b :)


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