This just in: No training next week!

Typical handicrafts of the CWA

Just found out that the Diamond Valley Branch of the Country Women's Association are having their annual show next week in our hall. So we have to have a holiday.

So no training on Saturday 19th May. We'll be back the week after.

As compensation for those who have done the right thing and already paid their term fees, I will make the Kangeiko on 23 June free of charge.

Interestingly there is another CWA-Kendo connection, and that is Kyohei san's club in Benalla, the Renshinkan, train in the historic Benalla CWA Hall! And it was good to see Kyohei, Tomoko-san and new Renshinkan student Jay at training today. They left Benalla at 5.00am to get to training! And there was ice on their windscreen when they left!


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