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2012 Nanseikan Kangeiko Report

the morning group Last Saturday we had one of our biggest Kangeiko . This was thanks to the members of various VKR clubs that supported us by coming for a day of frozen feet, miso soup and lots of keiko . The day's focus was metsuke , and we looked at a range of waza that tested our ability to maintain an even and impenetrable gaze. I was very happy when some of MUKEN's newest members thanked me afterwards for a training session where they got to do a lot of new things, including how to perform and receive tsuki . It was great to have a whole day to devote to a specific focus, and then to test that focus over a long period of time. Personally I found that I was good at keeping my metsuke general when it was kihon and uchikomi, but after a few jigeiko  with difficult opponents I noticed my gaze wandering around looking at all different things and definitely giving away my intention. Lunch was a great chance to chat with people I don't normally get to sp

Kangeiko 2012 this Saturday

  Currawong in the snow by Trevor Harders UPDATE : a simple, vegan-friendly hot lunch will be available for the price of a donation.

Balloon keiko!