Kangeiko 2012 this Saturday

Currawong in the snow by Trevor Harders

UPDATE: a simple, vegan-friendly hot lunch will be available for the price of a donation.

This Saturday promises to be a cold, but well-attended Kangeiko. Many members of MUKEN will be making the trip out to the 'burbs. Also Kyohei, Tomoko and members of Benalla Renshinkan will be coming. If those guys can get up at 5am in subzero temperatures to drive 2.5 hours to training, what excuse have the rest of us got? Other members of VKR clubs have said they will come for the final jigeiko from 3.30pm.

And of course many former members have said they will be coming to dinner afterwards to celebrate 10 years of Nanseikan. Dinner will be at the dojo and will be about $10/head, starting at 7pm. 

I look forward to seeing you all there!

How to get to Nanseikan by PT
  1. Take the 8.07am Hurstbridge line train from Flinders St Station
  2. Get off at Ivanhoe Station
  3. take the 549 bus to Northland SC leaving at 8.36am
  4. get off at corner Altona St and Waterdale Road
  5. cross Waterdale Rd and walk south 50m to car park entrance — there will be a Kendo sign out the front :D
If you're coming across town from the west or other northern suburbs, travel along Bell St which has several bus routes including the 903 Mordialloc-Altona and the 513 Eltham-Glenroy. Get off at the Waterdale Road/Bell St intersection bus stop. The dojo is about 200m north of Bell St up Waterdale.


Our theme will be metsuke ("the gaze"), IOW what to do with your eyes in Kendo.

0900 - preparation
  • dojo zokin (cleaning)
  • warm up, suburi
  • rei, mokuso
  • welcome
  • group photo
0915   first session
  • brief explanation of metsuke
  • bokuto kihon
1100  morning tea

1120  second session
  • kihon
  • uchikomi
  • kakarigeiko
1300  lunch

1345 third session 
  • waza
1500 afternoon tea

1530 final session
  • free jigeiko
1450 close
  • warm down
  • mokuso, rei


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