Special Iaido training for Kenshi

The VKR is having a special try-out training for all kenshi who would like to try the sister art to Kendo — Iaido.

Learn how to draw, cut and sheathe the katana in one quick, smooth action, just like our awesome iaido colleagues!

For sometime now, many kendoka in Victoria have expressed interest in trying iaido, but never got around to it due to other commitments (including kendo!). Now here's your chance to try; the VKR and its Iaido members are inviting all VKR kendoka to a one-off introductory course to iai;

Date/Time: Saturday 4th August, 2:00pm ~ 4:00pm
Venue: Kenshikan
Fee: $10 (paid individually on the day)
What to bring: kendo-gi, hakama, bokuto, obi (if you have one)
RSVP: Sunday 29th July (email: secretaryATkendovictoria.asn.au or vicepresidentATkendovictoria.asn.au)

Places maybe limited so please respond early!


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