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The second beginners' course is finished and well done to all my minions the new students! The energy in the dojo is great and everyone is progressing really well.

Above is the video I promised of the basics of footwork and suburi that I would like everyone to practice during the break.

Here is a sample exercise routine that I recommend:

  • Rei and sonkyo: this is an important part of the practice. Focus on: bend from the hips—don't stick your chin out!; straight back at all times; always take a half step forwards into kamae position, never backwards.
  • Okuriashi pattern (3 forwards, 3 back) repeated 10 times. Focus on: snapping the back foot up into place; keeping shinai tip pointed at enemy's throat; left heel off the ground both forwards and backwards
  • Single-time sho-men: 10 times. Focus on: start slowly and speed up; stop the shinai by squeezing the grip (tenouchi); swing straight through the middle of your body; finish with arms outstretched horizontal
  • Double-time sho-men: 10 times, doubling the number each week (10, 20, 40, 80). Focus on: tenouchi; finishing position with arms as above; doing the swing in one movement, "upanddown" not "up... and down"
  • Katate men suburi: 5 times at first, then 10 times when you can do 5 perfectly. Focus on: straight swings same as above; finishing with shinai in same position as with two hands; squeeze both hands as same time, even though right hand is just on your hip.

Saturday 13 October will be the first training back for term 4. All former beginners will wear do and tare from now on.

Don't forget to download the free equipment manual here: http://www6.big.or.jp/~budogu/manu/topm.html
It has all the knots, folds and procedures you need to know, now you're no longer a noob.



  1. Hello Ben-sensei,

    I'm Chris Ong. I used to do kendo in Melbourne Uni. I happened to be visiting the Nanseikan blog and saw this video. I think the music is really funny!

    Anyway, I'm missing the point. Thank you for putting this up. I've not touched kendo in years and recently, I've started it again. So this video is a good revision for me and I shall incorporate it into my exercise routine as much as possible.

    I hope you are doing well. As always, I'm inspired by your passion for bringing out the good in young people.


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