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No training tomorrow, and no info stall

There will be no information stall tomorrow at the dojo due to a family illness. We were due to have a table set up to promote the club to people coming to vote in the local elections (the reason why there is no training). Training will resume as usual the following Saturday. Sorry for the late notice.

Renshinkan seminar notes

Yesterday Nanseikan hosted members of the Benalla Renshinkan for a mini seminar. I thought it would be good to jot down some notes of the main points that were covered. Kihon Uchikomi Efficiency comes when you learn to be relaxed. 1000 suburi helps to teach your body efficiency because you're too tired to overwork each movement. You learn to do just enough with nothing extra. Left-hand only suburi is crucial to teach your left arm to be the "power arm". The left is the engine, the right is the steering wheel. If you finish your cut with a bent left elbow it shows that you are using your right arm to power the cut. Ki ken tai itchi can be taught in a variety of ways. But overall the aim of being able to co-ordinate your movements to happen together is more important than cutting quickly or leaping a long way. Achieving correct KKTI has a lot to do with the left leg. The left leg kicks off ( fumikiri ) and provides the drive for your forward movement. Not just th

Term 4 training starts this Saturday...

Image see you all at training! ( |:^{)}