Keep the day free: 暑中稽古 Summer all-day training seminar

ice-cold mugi cha (barley tea) and uchiwa (festival fans) — symbols of summer in Japan

We've missed out on some training over the last fortnight but fear not! You'll soon have the chance for a kendo overdose.

Saturday 15 December is not only our last training for the year but also our annual shochugeiko, or summer training.

Shochugeiko is traditionally held during the height of summer, however since we will be on break at that time we have it on our last training. In past years we have been blessed with some particularly hot weather on this day which helps to make the training more authentic! The idea is that it should be more difficult than normal. This encourages extra effort which often leads to extra progress in one's Kendo.

Training will cost an extra $10 for Nanseikan members who have paid their term fees, and $20 for non-Nanseikan members ($15 for students and concession holders). BYO lunch but other refreshments and fruit provided.

Training starts at 9.00am and goes until 5.00pm. Although that sounds like a long time, the day goes very quickly. The extended training allows us to practice a wider variety of Kendo skills.
This year's shochugeiko will include:
  • using the bokuto (bokuto kihon and kata)
  • first wearing of full bogu for recent beginners' course graduates
  • review of concepts like kikentaiitchi, tenouchi, seme, etc
Usually we get a lot of people from other clubs come and join in, and you'll really feel a big improvement in your Kendo. Recently we had a special seminar for Benalla Renshikan members where we were able to practice suburi intensively. As a result I received this feedback:
"Thanks again for the valuable seminar. For example, I have known that suburi, and a lot of suburi, is important for both beginners and experienced kendoka, but I did not know until yesterday why it was so important."
So keep the day free. It'll be a lot of fun!


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