Nanseikan car-pool to visit Benalla Kendo Club

On Sunday 25 November the Victorian Kendo Renmei is organising a trip to visit the Benalla Renshikan to support Kyohei-san and his club which has been operating for several years now. Kyohei as you know, regularly comes to Melbourne to train with us, so it's only fair that we repay the compliment.

Most people will be leaving from the Kenshikan Dojo in West Melbourne, but it makes sense for us to meet at the dojo to save time and make for a quicker trip.

Benalla is about 2.5 hours drive away.

Training is from 11am to 1pm followed by a BBQ at 1.30pm.

This means we will need to meet at around 8.00am to get equipment from the dojo and head off no later than 8.30am. Here are Kyohei's directions:

"The venue is the hall (sports gym) of Benalla College Faithfull Campus. There is another campus (Dunlop Campus) of Benalla College, so please do not confuse the two. Faithfull Campus is on Faithfull Street, and about 3 km from the exit of Hume Fwy.
Get off Hume Fwy at Benalla Exit, take Midland Hwy and drive to North.Go straight at the first roundabout to Faithfull Street. Note that Midland Hwy turns to right at this roundabout. Faithfull Street starts at this intersection.Benalla College Faithfull Campus is on the right hand side of the street. The carpark of the college is at the corner of Faithfull Street and Helms Court, only 100 meter from the roundabout.Sport Gym is right next to the carpark. I will put up a sign board in front of the gym."
There is no charge for training itself.

Please let me know if you are interested in coming. Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level or experience. If you enjoy road trips + Kendo, then this is for you.

Imagine if we had a Nanseikan bus!


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