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Shochugeiko 2012 report

Last Saturday was our last training for the year, in this, our 10th anniversary year. We were lucky it wasn't as hot as previous years, although the temperature did climb in the late morning after some early showers. So it was humid, just like a Japanese summer. Attendance was good and for the first time we had a clear majority of NSK members. Kudos to Peter, Vanessa and Flynn who travelled up from Apollo Bay to attend. I hope you guys got a lot from the day. We had two objectives for the day: look at the use of the bokuto in Kendo and introduce our newest members to wearing full bogu. We managed both of those objectives I think, but perhaps with a little bit of brain-meltage along the way! I'm very conscious of how much mental effort it can take to remember new sequences of movement such as the Nihon Kendo Kata and the Bokuto Kihon . As it was we started with Kendo kata, covering katas one, two and four (we will look at number three in detail early next year). Thank

Remember, last training for 2012 this Saturday and all day seminar

Don't forget this Saturday is our annual shochugeiko, hot weather training. Looks like we'll be fortunate: at this stage the forecast is for 25 degrees and rain. For more info, check the post here . See you at training -- our last for our 10th anniversary year!