Holiday training, in the holidays

This morning I went to MUKEN training. They have a training session every Wednesday morning from 7am til about 8.30am. It's a little different to some Kendo trainings because people tend to leave early if they have to go to work or lectures. But, like every VKR club, their training sessions are open to all VKR members, so feel free to join in if you have the time.

There was also a very special visitor to training. We decided if he did Kendo he'd be a 9th dan sensei, based on his incredible self-control and lack of wasted movement! He is a tawny frogmouth (podargus strigoides) and as well as being incredibly cute, he is a nocturnal hunter related to, but different from an owl.

Another surprise I received at today's training was the gift one of the new MUKEN tenugui. The story of the tenugui is below. Thanks to Viet and the the rest of the MUKEN Kendo club for the gift.

These tenugui were designed by Takahiro Ueno, a calligrapher from Chiba, Japan. He is currently undertaking a Grand Tour of the world, and at each stop he busks on the street with his unique calligraphic method, one that is infused with music and dynamism. While on the Melbourne leg of this Grand Tour during the middle of 2012, the club approached Takahiro to create a new design for the club's tenugui. He obliged. After much research (including spectating MUKEN trainings and taikai) he presents the attached design, which reflects the qualities of speed and power that he observed in MUKEN kendo.


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