Term 2 classes start this Saturday

Momiji (Japanese maple) in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture, Autumn 2009

Term 2 starts this Saturday. It's a 10 week term and on the last Saturday we will have our annual Kangeiko, a special training that goes from 9am until 5pm.

This term our focus will be on 1) integrating our new beginners 
and 2) looking at the nuts and bolts of shiai, or competition.

The aspects of shiai that we will look at most closely will be:
  • correct procedure for competitors: reiho (etiquette) and basic rules
  • yuko datotsu or what makes up a correct scoring point
for more advanced students:
  • competition strategy against different opponents
  • introduction to being shinpan (referee)

VKR AKR membership fees due
Also, please be aware that in addition to term fees all membership fees will be due for Victorian Kendo Renmei and Australian Kendo Renmei. This is a single fee which members pay to the club and then I forward it to the VKR. It covers insurance, gradings and competition. These will be due mid June.

During the holidays I hosted a mini-morning training with Chris Panagopoulos and his friend Matsuoka san. Chris is a long-time Kendo friend who lived in Osaka for many years. It is thanks to him and his connections in Osaka that we have the many club bogu available that we do. They collected so many donated bogu that I remember the shipping cost was well over $1000.00!

Matsuoka san is a high school teacher and a member of the Minami Yamamoto Shonen Kendo Kai (Yamamoto South Kids Kendo Club — this is the name Matsuoka san is pointing to on the white taré). They donated most of the kids' armour that we use. It was great to complete the circle with his visit and finally say "arigato gozaimashita" to one of the group's members in person.


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