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2013 Kangeiko Report

the first men toré of the day This year's Kangeiko was cold — 0º C when we started. The Kendo gods were truly smiling on us! In spite of that we had an excellent turnout, boosted by large contingents from MUKEN and for the first time Monash Uni Kendo Club. Kyohei had three of his students accompany him from Benalla. Members from Fudoshin and MBK rounded out the numbers. In all, throughout the day we had 25 kenshi attend. practicing oji waza The focus of the day was shiai, with a particular focus on introducing new kenshi to some of the ideas and issues of shiai. From looking at the definition of Yuko Datotsu , we practiced basics with a shiai purpose, looked at common strategies and mistakes at different levels of shiai, and then put that into action in three mini shiaijo . Each shiaijo had at least two experience kenshi overseeing the matches: a single shinpan officiating and another observer who was called on at the end to give verbal feedback. The begin

2013 Nanseikan Kangeiko

This year's Kangeiko will be on Saturday 22 June from 9 am until 5 pm. Kangeiko is a special training session that takes place in the coldest part of the year and  is usually an extended training that tests endurance. It also gives us a chance to cover a lot more things than a regular training. As usual this is also the last training for Nanseikan in term two. We will be following the same format as in previous years with breaks for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Morning tea and fruit will be provided but lunch is BYO. The focus of this Kangeiko will be shiai . Cost for Nanseikan members will be $10. Non-Nanseikan members $20.