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Term 4 starts Saturday12 October

...and goes until 14 December. The calendar for next year has been fully updated as well.

Grading success!

Congratulations to all those who graded last weekend. Everyone was successful. Max, Patrick, Quinn, Ben, Alex and Nick all graded to 6th kyu. Sean graded to 5th kyu, Jerry graded to 4th kyu and Alvin graded to 3rd kyu. Grading fees are now due. They are $15 for Max, Quinn and Alex, and $35 for everyone else. If you want to do a bank transfer, just shoot me a quick email, otherwise you can pay at training next Saturday.

Shoji Teramoto's Kendo documentary

As promised today at training: lots of interesting stuff to look at in spite of no subtitles. The life of a poor Kendo champion... And then a look at the kind of teaching that I aspire to... :)

Congratulations, and ACT Taikai

Congratulations to all those who graded last Sunday. I believe everyone passed. Now, on to the benenfits of membership and grading!: the ANU Kendo Club, has extended an invitation to all VKR kenshi to attend their 2013 seminar and Taikai. More details here: Also, there is a new artilce on " Shugo-Nanseikan " about the Kenshikan Dojo, which may be of interest to those who were visiting it for the first time on Sunday.