Training for 2014 starts next week

Just a reminder that we start back next Saturday 1st February. There will be normal training for the first three weeks, then our first beginners' course will start on 22 Feb.

The first few weeks we will look at kata in the first half of training, so please remember your bokuto.

Also, there are number of you who are not yet VKR members, especially those of you from the second beginners' course last year. If this is the case for you, please see me about becoming a member asap. First-time members joining at the beginning of the year are eligible for half year introductory membership to 30 June. Please see me about this at training.

Lastly, we will soon be welcoming a new sensei to the club. I can't give away too much yet, other than to say he's a relative of someone I've been learning from for a long time, and that he has very steadfast Kendo.


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