Nittaidai OB visit next week - some new info

Ozawa sensei and I at his dojo in Nakano, Tokyo in 2009.

As I mentioned at training last week we will be hosting a very important group of sensei from Nittadai (National Sports Science University in Tokyo) and elsewhere from next week.

There will be training sessions on:

14 Feb 2014 (Friday) 7:00pm - 8:30pm MBK
16 Feb 2014 (Sunday) 9:30pm – 12:00pm MBK
18 Feb 2014 (Tuesday) 7:00pm – 8:30pm Fudoshin

Shizawa sensei has been a close friend of Australian Kendo for a long time (just check out the photo below!)  Ozawa sensei I have also told you about. the full list of sensei is:

    • Professor Kunio SHIZAWA, Kyoshi 7 Dan, former Head Instructor of Nittaidai kendo club. Will be joined by his wife.
    • Professor Hiroshi OZAWA, Hanshi 8 Dan, Head Instructor of Kobukan Dojo in Nakano, where many Australians train, author of “Kendo: The Definitive Guide”.
    • Mr Morimasa OKADA, Kyoshi 7 Dan, kendo advisor to the Nittaidai mens and womens teams, both of which placed 3rd in last year’s All Japan Student Championships.
    • Ms Hiroko ITOH, Kyoshi 7 Dan, graduated from Nittaidai, also a shodo (calligraphy) sensei.
    • Ms Yoshiko SAKURAI, post graduation, worked as assistant to Shizawa-sensei for 3 years. Currently instructs/lectures at Kanagawa University

    The revised training schedule (open to all kendoka) is as follows:

    14 Feb 2014 (Friday) 6:30pm - 8:00pm at MBK
    16 Feb 2014 (Sunday) 9:30am – 12:00pm at MBK
    18 Feb 2014 (Tuesday) 6:30pm – 8:00pm at Fudoshin

    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of training. The cost of training will be $10 per person per session, payable on the day.

    WELCOME DINNERThere is a welcome dinner on 14th Feb at 9:00pm.

    Location: Errols Upstairs, 69 - 71 Errol Street, North Melbourne, opposite the old Town HallCost: $42 per head, for entrée and main course with drinks purchasable from the bar.

    RSVPs are a must if you want to attend. To RSVP, send an email direct to me ( by Tuesday 11th February.

    Non-advised "no-shows" will incur a $42 charge to be collected via your club.
There will be a fee of $10.00 for these trainings to help cover costs.

Shizawa sensei (centre, seated); BBQ at Nagae sensei's house in Pascoe Vale, 1981. Who's the hairy guy in the back row???


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